Silver Lining Playbook, do you know this movie? Officially released almost two years ago,  in December 2012. This movie is complete sickness in one neighborhood, you must be wondering why? Just read this Silver Lining Playbook  review

This movie tells about Pat Solitano  (Bradley Cooper) son of Pat Sr. (Robert De Niro) who recently releases from mental hospital and try to continue his life, in normal world and getting his wife back. Firstly, this movie will make the audience feels curious about what actually happen to Pat so that he end up in mental Hospital. After several conflicts, you will know.

After going out from mental hospital, Pat  is different people, he lives in his wife ‘passion’ he does what his wife told to him in the past, he starts to work out, reads lots of novel, but, he tries everything in order to meet his wife. Until something happens to his life, yes, he meets another woman, her name is Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), Tiffany is having terrible problem in her life, just like Pat. Tiffany lost her husband in car crash, that accident make Tiffany loose control and act like a slut.

Just like a chemistry, both of them soon know each other well enough to start a new adventure. Tiffany tells Pat that she knows his wife, she will help Pat to get closer to his wife, in one condition. Pat must be his partner in dancing competition. So, after that they practice dancing together. And the love begin to flourish. Watch the movie on your own for the detail.

In this movie, you will see lots of disorder. The depiction of mental illness is quite good, I can feel the mess in their life. And  yeaah, Jennifer Lawrence is at her best, she deserves the award, cute in a whole new level, Katniss Everdeen is nothing. And the process on how Pat realize that he fall in love with Tiffany is something entertaining.

Based on IMDB this movie get 7.9 /10 . So, this movie should be your watch list.