Since Resigned from my regular job and starting business with my wife, I feel pain in my lower back. It strikes when I stand up after sitting for a while. I have never felt this pain before, probably because my previous work requires mild to heavy physical activity. This condition leads me to did a small research to naturally reduce back pain from sitting.

Before I go deeper to explain the exercise, let me give you more explanation about back pain that I feel. The pain felt when my body position is in the middle of sitting to stand up. When the body already stands, the pain is gone. If I do ruku’ when I do salat, the pain felt in certain angle right before ruku sempurna. After that, the pain is once again gone.

At first, I ignore the pain, but by the time goes by, this pain is actually painful. Therefore, I decided to try some exercises to reduce my back pain. I collected the information from various sites and videos, please enjoy the exercise to naturally reduce back pain from sitting.

Wheel Pose

Young woman in Urdhva Dhanurasana pose against floor window

The first exercise is Wheel Pose. This move is actually quite difficult to do for beginner. No excuse, you an try these position with assistant. To do this position firstly you need to prepare the mattress. After that you supine on the mattress, bend your knees, place the heels right bellow the knees.

After that, take the hands by the ears, make sure it’s only shoulders distance apart. Place your fingers pointing on the shulders. On this position you are ready to lift up your body, but hold on a second. You do not try to lift everything at once. Start to lifting up to the top of your head. In this position you need to once more aligned your elbows with your wrists. After the position is fit, you lift up once more until your arms straight and extend. Take a deep breath and keep the position according to your capability.


People, sports, fitness, strength and endurance concept. Stylish brunette athletic girl in sportswear exercising in spacious hall by the window, doing elbow plank on green yoga mat on wooden floor

This exercise is actually quite popular ans simple. We only need a mattress to do this. Firstly, we position the body like going to do a push up, but we bend the arms on the elbow pointing forward. On that posisiton, we must tighten the muscle so the body becomes stiff like a plank. Do the exercise in one minute, and repeat five to six times.

Back Extension

Cobra backbend exercise

Back extension is a simple exercise. You can do this with or without tools. If you wanna do this with tools, you can use stability ball. Otherwise, you can do this with only mattress. Firstly, position your body in prone. Put your hands in front of your chest while still in prone. Gently push your arm up until the upper body is up. Keep the hips  and lower body in the mattress. Hold your position in 15-30 seconds.

Pose Cat-Cow

Young attractive woman in Cow pose, white loft studio background

This is another simple exercise. First thing you need to do is posing in crawl position. Put the hand on the mattress, straight up the arm until aligned with shoulder. Bend your knees aligned with hips.

On that position bend your stomach up followed by stick your chin to your chest. After that, do the opposite, bend your stomach down followed by raise your head. Keep still in each position 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat.

Glute Bridges

Young attractive woman in Glute Bridge pose, studio evening prac

Glute is the short form for Gluteus, which are the muscles in yout buttock. We have three gluteus in total. To do glute bridges firstly you should supine on the mattress. Then bend your knees until it forms 90 degree with the thighs. Straight your arms besides the body. To start the move, try slowly lift up the thighs, keep going until your stomach lifted. Try to keep the neck and the head in the mattress.


Swimming also recommended to naturally reduce back pain from sitting. When we are swimming, almost all of aour body parts are used. This condition helps to smooth the blood circulation, including in back part.

When we are swimming, back bone does not need to withstand the body weight, because that job is done by the water. Nevertheless, swimming needs as much energy as running, so swimming also good for weight loss.