When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost

                                                                                                                                                                                Billy Graham

We can take the quote above as a warning or just a common people saying, but in this article, we will not talk about the quote or Billy Graham. We  are gonna focus on All Is Lost. All is lost is a movie tittle directed by J.C. Candhor, released in October 2013. The genre of this movie is  Action-Adventure-Drama. In general, the story is about a man who sail on a boat, unfortunately, one morning, he woke up in a shock, he found a big hole in his yacht and the water is starting leaking in, there was a collision between his yacht and a shipping container. The story began here, after that accident, he did everything with all the resources he has to survive, till in one moment everything he got is lost.

This movie is unlike another adventure-survival movie, this movie only use one character, and something which brings this movie become more special is the silent technique. Yes 😀 this movie is semi-silent movie, the unnamed character, whose play by Robert Redford is not actually talking in this movie. There were several scenes when he make a voice, but all of them are not essentials, did not give any contribution to the story in the movie.

In this movie, Robert Redford’s expressions make the story run smoothly, his eye contact to something is telling the audience about something he up to. He is calm and clever man, ‘no quitter’.  Even though, most of this movie are silent, I assure the audience will always ‘hold their breath’ for a moment when watching scene per scene in this movie.

If you people ever watched Life of Pi, you can imagine similar experiences had by the character in this movie, the difference is in the realistic point, the character in this movie did everything he could to survive, begins with fixing the hole in the yacht, try to fix the electricity on the yacht but failed, try to fix the communication tools but also failed, he also forced to use his emergency boat because the sail post on his yacht is broken. Until he desperately make a fire on the top of his emergency boat, to make a SOS sign.

Based on IMDB, its movie get 6.9 from 10. Its quite great rating, based on my personal humble opinion, this movie worth to watch.