As we all know, we got this pandemic situation since March 2020. After that, activities in public places seem to be illegal activities or not recommended. But now, since new normal began to spread out, government start to reopen the public transportation. It means we can go travel or picnic with new normal protocol.

To celebrate end year holiday, I give you five fun family activities that are worth trying out. Some of the recommendation below I quote from Royal Danisa Official Website;

Fun Family Activities Photo by Jeniffer Ara├║jo on Unsplash
  1. Exploring Nature : During the pandemic situation, you people who works in big cities definitely thirst for new situation.  Therefore, exploring nature is on of the best solution to refresh you mind and body. Nevertheless, you must not forget about new normal protocol. Try to avoid popular camping spot. It will be better if you know some hidden place to explore.
  2. Exploring River: It is similar with exploring nature, but we will single out this exploring activity in river. You can visit river exploring site and pump up your adrenaline while exploring the river. This activity is worth trying out after long session of work and stay at home.
  3. Staycation: If you are not the type of person who love to do outdoor activity, you can consider staycation. Choose your favorite hotel, bring your family then you can spend your quality time holiday in your favorite place.
  4. Staycation + No Phone Day + Telling Stories: If you think staycation is boring, you could add up some challenge. When you gather with your family in your favorite hotel you make one rule that no phone for a day. To cheer up the situation, create a moment to tells stories. Anyone who broke the rule or cannot tells stories get punishment to clean the hotel.
  5. Go Fishing: Imagine you bring all of your family to go fishing, it surely will be very fun. If you have child, it will be a good time for him or her to learn about nature, fish, and river.

Those are five recommendations from me about fun family activities. End year holiday is definitely near. Happy holiday friends.