For this non-eternal life

I swear to rip-out all of my envy bad attitude

To just clear the old former habit

And form the brand new something

 To pick the sweet daffodils on the park

Then put the beautiful on your lobe

Grab softly and said calmly

That something is very hard to see


The daffodils need to ask you


The daffodils is only messenger

Only had to know you


To reveal the truth

The truth of your eternal heart

Neither wants to interrupt

Nor try to kill

Just need to be recognize about something

Something that count everything on you

Yes you!

The one who own the daffodils.

Sooner or later, there will be a yellow.

A yellowish thing that fall down

Both of us love the smell

And before the afterlife,

Before the child grows up and old

Before the sign comes up as a form.

Before the bachelor becomes a master.

Before B becomes Bomb, and

Before time becomes Sand.

Thing to do is the will

Willingly and bravely said I Love You.

 9 November 2011